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Default Bass Input is Reading on Multiple Channels

Hi guys,

We’re trying to record bass and guitar simultaneously into Pro Tools, but problem is that when I record enable the bass channel and guitar channel, its reading the bass signal on the guitar channel too (and vice versa I think), like there’s no separation between the two.

Here are my setup specs:

I’m on PT 12.5 on Mac laptop OS 10.11.6
Main audio interface is MOTU 828 mkiii
Slave preamp unit is MOTU 8Pre USB (the newer usb version, not the older FireWire version). I have the two Motu units connected via ADAT expansion, with the 8Pre as the slave unit.

It seems that any of the channels of the 8Pre that are not muted, will get line level when only the bass channel is record enabled.

I muted the all other channels on the CueMix software, except for channel 1 (bass) and channel 2 (guitar), both unmuted so we can record them together during rehearsal.

I feel it’s a setting within the CueMix software that needs to change but can’t figure out which one.

I attached pics of the cue mix window as well as Pro Tools window to show how things are setup. ‘Bass DI’ and ‘Guitar Mic’ are the channel names you can see in the pics.

Any ideas on how to solve would be most appreciated!

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