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Default Exporting midi from PT 8 to Sibelius 6

Dunno if this is the right sub-forum to post this, but anyways...
exporting a midi track made in ProTools, a simple melody, 100% quantized, and importing it as Midifile in Sibelius 6 I have the following problems :
- my markers are imported "twice", meaning that if I delete one in Sibelius there's another identical hidden behind the first one, so I have to delete it twice...
- I turn off the tenuto/staccato options. Being the Midi file 100% quantized (shortest notes are 16ths) I could turn off the Adjust Rhythms too, but if I do so Sibelius creates a pure-junk score... so I turn it on setting it at the minimum length of my notes, but despite this something VERY weird happens : two IDENTICAL measures are interpreted in a different way by Sibelius, for example one it shows eight 8ths notes, on the other one it changes one of the 8th notes into one 16th + one 16th rest...
WHY ???

System details :
ProTools Native card, Ultimate 2019.5, MacPro 5,1 12 Core 3.33GHz, 64Gb RAM, Mojave 10.14.4, Lynx Aurora(n), Raven MTi
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