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Default Re: Why are my registered products not showing ay Avid?

According to your registration, you registered your 003 that came with PTLE 7.4 in April, 2009. Because the PTLE 7.4 installation DVD and authorization code came with your system, you did not receive another downloadable update or auth code for 7.4 in your online account.

You were automatically sent an email with an activation code for your free upgrade to Pro Tools LE 8.0. That was on the same day that you registered the 003 (April 5, 2009).

According to our records, you never used the activation code we sent you for PTLE 8, so I'm not sure how you got that. Maybe CS sent you a replacement.

If it was in your junk mail or spam filter back then, it is probably gone by now. I'll send you a copy of that in case you can't find it.

Seems like you should have received it though, since you were also sent an email at the same time for your free update for your 003 Factory bundle, and you did that activation on April 17th.
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