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Default Eleven Rack Editor

Eleven Rack Editor
Even though easily showing a couple unique IDs by USB/11R serial numbers as when loading expansion packs or USB port associations etc as can be seen on logs and other tools OS/X El Capitan has embedded, device differentiation is a reality.

So with iMac logs etc showing device differentiation, i would think coding a solution, so a user would be able to switch between 11 racks using the EDITOR would be a well thought out cinch or intern level fix. At least include the ability to differentiate and control multiple 11 racks (human friendly labeling could be added by the user to the editor GUI ("device list") for easy tracking of what unit is under "11R editor control" at that moment.

Currently, I have to turn off 11R number one after using the editor, then restart the 11R editor to control unit number 2 WHY, can't i have a drop down in the GUI for quick jumps between units, or allow multiple editor GUI's to be on top or on screen, or absent from view once done using it.

One would assume....ASSUME that the editor could or should detect 11R's that may be operating simultaneously without interference or INTERFERING with other digital interfaces that may be in play. is it me or is a fx V2.0 possible? - 57....outta here
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