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Default Re: Plugin Updates - Please Post Here!

Originally Posted by unkJE View Post
Good idea, Andrei - thanks!

Just joined the Piriform Community Forums and requested that CCleaner Pro Software Updater also adds update offers for all the Audio Plug-ins shown in Windows Program and Features. (There’s also a Mac version).

Will post reply (if & when) ….
“At the moment it is still a trial feature, and is only reporting updates that are available on ''.
(Piriform and filehippo are 'sister' companies).
Whether, and how, this will change in future is down to the development team.”

To which I added:
I feel millions of Digital Audio Workstation owners would welcome a Pro Audio Plug-In Updater with open wallets. Perhaps it should be a separate product:
CCleaner Pro Audio Software Updater” offers updates for AAX/VST/AU/VST3 Plug-Ins
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