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Default Re: Pro Tools and VEP6 - Mac is Freezing!

Originally Posted by RedEyeJedi View Post
Ill try the internet thing!
It just happened again but without VEP - so maybe that is not it.
i saw as it happend my CPU usage hit red. it spiked from 50% to 100%
While i was just playing a piano library on kontatk
It is quite a big session with lots of audio and plugins - but not too hectic. generally idling at 27% usage and 70% RAM
You have Kontakt on both machines then right?

CPU spiking in piano libraries is not uncommon especially if there's a lot of sustained notes going on. Keep in mind that for Kontakt Vienna says to disable/not use the Kontakt memory server (KMS). Also some Kontakt stuff can be heavy on scripting.

The reason I mentioned the internet thing is that maybe the two ethernet connected bits are fighting each other. I had to manually setup the ip address when I had my now dead iMac working as a server to my 2012 MacPro working as a client.

Something you seem to be reticent about answering: what else do you have going on on the MBP while working in PT?
See profile for system details
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