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Default ProTools 8 plugins query

Hi guys
Bought PT8 many years ago with a faulty disc. Digidesign offered
a Digidelivery online sometime later and generously offered bonus plugins that were not on the original disc. I have installed the Digidelivery a few times over the years but never got into the program.

Last time I installed the software it was slow each time to load due to so many plugins, and I think I may have deleted some or assigned them to not. I do remember there being some kind of check box as to whether PT should load all the plugins.

Now I have time to use the program but do not see all the plugins. I am quite sure there was some Joe Meek on the list, but I cant be sure. Its not anywhere to be found, and I would like to find out if I have deleted them, misplaced them, or if they were not there in the first place; having done a reinstall they have not materialized, so I am wondering what plugins were included in the Digidelivery download. Any assistance is much appreciated.

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