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Default Re: 3rd Party monitor controller for S6

Originally Posted by Joka View Post
I found this on .
Probably this is only solution if you want to go with DAD AX32 and Protools and D-Command without using Xmon.
The only thing is it is not stated if it is DAD AX32 Pro-Mon or regular DAD AX32.
And in case of upgrade to Avid S6 is this combination of DAD AX32 and TMC-1-Penta compatible with S6?
Hi Joka

There are many different ways of doing this, all with their pros and cons, so may I suggest you e-mail me directly at jan.lykke (at) to discuss your requirements in more detail?

And just for clarification, DAD AX32 is a hardware I/O unit. You can use the AX32 as a regular I/O unit without monitor control, or you can upgrade it with the Pro Mon software if you want to use the monitor control functionality. So if you want to use monitor control in the AX32, irrespective of which controller (S6 or TMC-1 Penta), you always need the Pro Mon software in the AX32.

Jan Lykke
Jan Lykke
Business Development Manager
DAD - Digital Audio Denmark
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