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Default Re: "Unable to locate M-Audio hardware. Make sure your hardware is connected and turn

I also had this problem. In Windows 7, although I'm not convinced the OS is to blame.

The whole interface is very unstable. I have to plug things into my PC in the right order, I can't plug certain parts into my USB Hub and switching things on in the wrong way also causes problems.

I'm using Avid Keystudio and here's how I get it to work (after managing to complete driver installation successfully):

- Plug the M-Audio micro input device directly to a USB connection on the computer
- Plug the keyboard (switched off) into my USB Hub, then switch on and make sure no error messages show. Often I will get a message saying it failed to recognise hardware, in which case my mouse stops working, I have to unplug everything from the USB hub and reconnect and pray I don't get another error.
- Check that my sound playback devices sill shows the M-Audio device, if not start again.
- Start up pro tools SE

This isn't really practical, all the unplugging and replugging to get around errors.

Common issues I had:
- Plugging both keyboard and M-Audio micro into the USB hub caused the M-Audio micro device to disappear without fail, which means that pro tools SE won't start.
- Plugging in the Keyboard while it's switched on causes it not to be recognised.
- Switching off the keyboard at any point while using Pro Tools SE means that you have to start it all up again.
- Plugging in the Keyboard before the micro input device means that the keyboard isn't recognised.
- Starting up Pro Tools SE without everything working already will cause an error and Pro Tools won't start.

All in all not a particularly user friendly set up. I wonder if anyone knows how to make the software/drivers more reliable, because it's an agonising process right now.
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