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Default Re: LE to HD quality difference

Here's the truth about the importance of QUALITY:

#1 the talent. you have it or you don't have it. if you have it, you show it. if you cannot show it, you do not have it. this is what the mic sees.

#2 the equipment. you preserve the talent or you destroy it. unless you don't destroy it, the talent's performance is preserved. use as good quality equipment as you need to preserve the talent.

#3 the mixing guy. you do whatever you are given. sometimes you find your way to make some magic, sometimes not. but you always deal with what you have been given. so do your best but never whine about not having good quality source. it is not your problem.

#4 the mastering process. no matter what you have been given, make the most of it. no excuses. the final product must be the best that is possible, given the source material.


whatever is closer to the source matters the most. if the bass player changed the strings 10 years ago, the bass sound sucks. nobody can do anything, unless the bassist changed the strings before the session.

source first !!
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