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Default Re: NVMe upgrade for Mac Pro 4.1/5.1 Mojave

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
I wouldn't worry about it. In my 2013 trashcan Apple for some reason used heatsinked ssd's but any other brand I've used have omitted the heatsink and performed flawlessly.

I have no idea what kind of 24/7/365 100% stress test Apple has performed when they have found so much heat generated from ssd that they think heatsink is needed. After my hardest and longest stress test I can think of, opening the case and touching the ssd it is only lukewarm. I think memory runs hotter.

I would worry about it. Especially since it is almost no effort. What a Mac Trashcan has inside it, with a very carefully designed airflow to cool its SSD has *nothing* to do with the situation here in a shrouded airflow system where the manufacture has included bonding to a heatsink.

These 970 Evo will consume 6W or so under load, that might be in the ballpark of many DIMMs, but so what that's irrelevant too. Computers are designed with very specific cooling to handle that constant DIMM heat load. A small fan in a shroud in a PCIE slot with 2 x 6W, that may add up. And you are defeating that shroud as a heatshink design, not a good idea at all. These things are pretty easy to thermal model today, lots of consultants out there that will do that for even small manufacturers, so follow the manufacturers advice.
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