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Default Re: If I use a crap HD to copy audio files, would it cause any problems?

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
Oh God, why is this thread still going on. Just copy the files. If you had experiences where things did not seem to work then try to work out what happened. The most likely problems are mistakes like copying files not fully written to disk (e.g. Pro Tools session not closed before you copy), the disk not being properly unmoubted, or an application bug in Pro Tools.... silent filesystem or disk block level corruption are not worth worrying about. Deep corruption you expect copies to fail. But if you donít have confidence in a drive trash it.

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The thing is, I just bought a new drive about 2 months ago , but it hit the floor , not a big deal thought but still some concerns. That's why I wonder if I continue use this one and if the copy process if complete without any errors, am I getting exactly the same audio files. That's why I start this topic to really understand how it works and if we can trust a complete copy process means we are getting the identical files.
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