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Default Re: Console under $500?

Originally Posted by philsphan08 View Post
Hi, I'm sorry if a similar question has been asked before, but I'd appreciate any feedback. I was looking at a Behringer, but there have been mixed responses about its compatibility with Pro Tools. Is anyone aware of a mixing console with at least 16 channels, compatible with Pro Tools, and under $500?

If I need to spend more, I will, but it'd sure be nice to keep my expenses relatively low. Thanks!
You realize you are posting in a forum for high-end professional ICON control surfaces?

$500 won't get you much of anything. Behringer products are pretty low priced, and often pretty awful, you get what you pay for.

What exact model Behringer have you been looking at.

What exactly do you mean by "console"? You mean a live mixer that can double as an interface (do you expect it to act as a control surface?)? How many mic preamps? Or do you just mean a control surface just to drive Pro Tools? And what do you want to do wit this exactly, track a band? How large? Live or in the studio? Do you own other interfaces? What mic preamps or other interfaces do you own?

At very low end if you want a control surface you should at least consider an iPad and these software solutions. (especially if you already own an iPad or have other uses for one)....

V-Control Pro

AC-7 Core

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