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Default Re: Avid Artist Mix Driver & Firmware Trouble - Please Help!

Originally Posted by Just Another Guy View Post
I just recently updated from 10.8.5 to 10.11.6 (Mac OSX), and my EU Control advised me to update the firmware for my Artist Mix, but now I get an update firmware message every time I restart the Eucon Applications (I also am now using Eu Control 3.2.2 - is this the wrong driver?)

I am thinking of going to Sierra (Mac OSX 10.12), but I wanted to see if I could get things working properly before I move to Sierra since I would have to use different Mastering Software (Waveburner no longer supported after 10.11.6), which means I would have to buy a new platform, which I wanted to avoid if possible. Please help!!
Your problem is you're (if your profile info is correct) running an incompatible combination of PT 11 and El Crapitan. Take at the chart on this page for compatibility:

How and why did you go to El Crapitan anyways? There's a reason it has that nickname as it's possibly the worst OSX Apple ever put out. I'm guessing you did an in-situ move where you install the new OSX over the existing one. That's never a good thing even though it's the Apple Way.

If you want to keep using PT 11 you're going to have to back date to OSX 10.10.5. PT 11.3.2 can work on Sierra but to import audio you have to drag and drop from OSX Finder. And it's not the most stable of setups. Also that's still not strictly compatible with PT 11

So you've got some thinking to do along the lines of: what is the most important piece of s/w you use? PT or Waveburner. If you need CD burning there are other programs - Steinberg Wavelab Elements is my current s/w for that function. If you don't need CD burning you could always master in PT. Stay away from DSP Quattro for mastering and cd burning - there are issues the developer doesn't care enough about to fix them. And think long and hard about why you went to El Crapitan.
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