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Default M-audio fast track pro - "hardware not connected"

Hi All,

Computer model and processor speed - Intel i3 @ 3.2ghz (approx)
OS version - Windows 7 64bit
Avid hardware model - M-audio Fast track pro - SN: 169Z073006429
Pro Tools version - NA
Amount of RAM installed - 8gb
Basic system - 1hdd 1CDrom, USB keyboard/mouse


I downloaded the latest drivers for Win 7 and installed, the Fast track pro control panel popped up and said "firmware update available" i then clicked ok and it warned me it could take sometime for my system to respond, i waited over 10mins and the whole system was locked up, thought that's long enough as it hadn't initiated the firmware upgrade yet. So i hit the reset button (should have turned off the m-audio box) and basically i've got a m-audio box that isn't recognised by any system, same PC or my MAC or another PC etc.

SO question - is it stuffed? is there a way to fix it? cold reset etc?

any help would be really good, apologies if i didn't format this correctly or put it in the right place.

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