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Default Share Your Home Studio Set Ups

Give us a virtual tour of your home studio.

I've noticed in a couple of other threads people showing photos of what their home set up looks like. I'm working on setting up my first home studio right now. It's more in the strategy and money gathering phase right now, actually.

Either way, I thought that it would be cool to have a thread sharing photos and descriptions of your own home set up. Show us what it looks like and then take us through it - a little tour. Maybe there is already something like this in the forums, but I didn't see one right away.

Anyway, if you want to share, go ahead and post a photo and description of your set up. Share your feedback about it - the pros and cons you're running into, things you'd like to change, mistakes you've made, things that are working really well for you, upgrades you're shooting for.

What are you using the set up for? Are you just recording yourself? A band? How do you handle different recording scenarios? For example, how do you handle recording vocals or drums or guitar and bass rigs or other instruments?

Also, what sites or blogs have you come across that may have helped you in putting your set up together or where you learned some helpful ideas?

I think that this would be a great opportunity to share tips and tricks and to help people avoid potential mistakes. Some people on here are seasoned professionals and some people (me, for example) are just learning and doing this for the first time. It'd be really interesting what solutions people have developed for their own home studios and to see how those set ups are working out for them.

This could be fun and helpful and a chance for everyone to show off their stuff.

Thanks and have fun,
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