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Default Attention/Selected Track not working on dock

Can anybody re-produce this:

I have all my S3 faders as VCAs and use my Dock as an attention fader. The dock attention fader works fine till I spill one of my VCAs on the S3. After that, the Dock will ONLY allow me to attention VCAs. If I select an audio track in the edit window or attention an audio track via the S3, it ignores that selection and reverts to the last selected VCA. I can select VCAs from the edit window and they will switch but I no longer have access to my audio tracks until I restart Eucon.

I'm not sure when this began but I'm running the newest version of Eucon and I have updated all my firmware to the latest versions as well the latest protools version.

PT: Ultimate 18.12
Mac Pro Trashcan: 12core, 64GB Ram
Sonnet Pro: HDX3
Mac OS: 10.12.6

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