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Default Re: Workflow for drums

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
Dave - I'm curious as to why you want to nudge all the tracks to perfect alignment. I always thought that the reason you blend in the overheads and room mics was to get that little bit of ambience the slight delay provides. Doesn't syncing them all up defeat that?
I have had much the same thought process but am also always looking for ways to improve. My method is more of a compromise where it only aligns mics for their particular main signal(IOW, the 3 snare mics align, but I don't move them to any other drum). Some tutorials show timing EVERYTHING out to one "master"(which I also have experimented with). I was onto that routine, but it got a little whacky because I had built the time offset into the session(with the Time adjuster plugin) and it sounded good, and was fine for tracking(not enough delay to throw off a player), but as soon as the drummer would raise/lower the snare or hat, it would throw things off again I'm trying to zero in on making the absolute best recordings I can(aren't we all). Re ambience, I don't think its time alignment(or misalignment) that gives that. That's a function of the room, acoustics and how much you rely on the overheads in the overall mix. Grab the JJP Drum plugin at $29 I spent an entire day trying to NOT need that plugin(was trying to dump Waves) and in the end, I gave up
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