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Default Expansion Pack Problems

New user here and already have problems . this is my first experience with Avid and I'm not impressed. The eleven rack is awesome...and on friday night I purchased the expansion pack. Downloaded. Got the serial number and SystemID. So far so good right? When I try to update, I get an error message that the SystemID I entered didn't match the System ID on record for the serial number. How can that be, I copied and pasted. I tried again. I tried taking out the hyphens in the S/N, but always the same message. So I submitted a support request and I was pissed because it's Friday night and I know it won't be resolved over the weekend. Late Friday I got an email with a case#, ASC, and phone number (I was wondering where they kept it). I got that same information again Saturday night, in a second email.
I called today and automated system cannot find my ASC. So I reply, to the case# email and ask for a valid ASC. No response yet, but later in the day my account was charged a 2nd time and refunded once (net = 1 charge).

So is someone at Avid hammer fisting a keyboard to generate these numbers and account transactions? From reading on forums, it sounds like the ID/SN mismatch is kind of common, so why doesn't Avid fix the problem?

Now I wait.
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