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Default Re: Update 8.03 causes problems running win7

Originally Posted by YoRugMan View Post
I'm a big believer in reformatting before reinstalling everything, because it guarantees that you've gotten rid of absolutely every .dll file etc, that might cause conflicts - and that's what could be happening to you. Uninstalling a version of something, then just reinstalling a slightly different version of the same thing has caused me much grief in the past - with any software package.
It usually leaves something behind that should not be there.
I agree, and I will reformat windows 7 64 bit. Furthermore I also think that installing the approved fw410 win7 driver on a fresh system instead of uninstalling the prior one before, is the way to go. I will receive my ads pyro card on tuesday so it might be a good plan to reformat the computer on that date, since installing fw410 using the old firewire card sounds like a bad idea.
Thanky you for replying.
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