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Default Re: Update 8.03 causes problems running win7

Originally Posted by fridrikur View Post
Hi YoRugMan I see your point but the point, and thus the frustration is that I had pt 8.00 working fine with windows 7 64 bit, but since I installed 8.03 and later uninstalled it, and afterwards reinstalling version 8.00, it all of a sudden had the same error message that first appeared with version 8.03. Prior to that I had no error messages with pro tools 8.00.
This is common with this update; it plants a footprint that requires a OS re-install for most who have gone there. I have this running on a test machine and it's about 80% there but I feel that before I will get it right, another update will beat me to it. So for now XP it is. I have dumped over $600. in added hardware to try to get this going butů
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