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Default Re: Audio Record or Playback Volume Error Message

1) What if you get the error on a drive that IS formatted Mac OS X Extended?
The drive can be allocated as a record drive under OS X.

2) Does Journaling matter? Should it be on or off?
Digidesign has supported journalling for a while now. Default setting is turned on in the OS disk utility for quite a while now too.

3) Why would Avid not promptly fix any software that requires the destination drive to be reformatted, since it is obviously screwed up?

These issues are related to drive permissions, more an OS issue than applications alone.
As the best way to defrag data drives is to copy the data off and format the drive, this shouldn't be a big deal anyway. It's certainly quicker in most cases than running a defrag utility, and definitely safer. After all most defrag utils warn the user to backup the data before they start..........

4) Does version 7 fix this glaring problem?

Drive permissions are there for security reasons and my guess is will be around for a long long time. Not actually a "glaring problem" per se. Think more a necessary evil, like locks are.