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Default Re: Ditching HD Native?

Stuff to consider:
1-What are you tracking that makes low latency important? I tracked full bands with HDN(total of 48 IO) at the 64 buffer. With lots of plugins, and while providing 6 stereo headphone mixes from inside the sessions.

2-how important is the sound quality? I ask because the 96 IO is on par with the 003 for sound/converter quality(I ran 2x192 and 2x HD IO)

3-Thunderbolt is a great option, provided it actually will work(testing makes a lot of sense). The Presonus Quantum 4848 is another TB viable option(although only 32 IO will be available).

4-The Aurora should be great(I think getting rid of the 96 IO will be a good move, no matter what you end up with)
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