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Default Re: Professional mixing facility (for PT rough tracks)


My studio is well equiped for mixing. Please visit my site to check out some my equipment list & some mixes along with my DigiProNet Audio Page Listing :

My rates are reasonable. I am in San Francisco, CA. We can do the mixes over the internet with DigiStudio. I will show you how. You will be very happy with this technology.

Let's discuss:

Warmest Regards & Happy New Year,

Marc Rosenberg

QUOTE]Originally posted by Dag:
Hi guys,

I'm 'calling' from Europe and I'd like to know about some professional mixing facilities, where our project can be finished. Rough recording is PT made and we are doing pure pop (N'Sync, BSB, Britney type of production - not that good [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ). I know this isn't appropriate place, but I see here many knowledgeable people. Also, what would be approx. per/hour cost for such pro mixing services?

thanks in advance

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