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Default Re: so no possibility to use more s3s but what about the S1

Originally Posted by EddieJones View Post
Let me try and answer these:
  • At present we have no plans to EOL S3 but if sales drop to nothing next year we might be forced to. Dont forget even if we do there will be a further 5 years hardware support and we still release free updates today for the very first Artist Mix 12 years ago, so software wont be an issue.
  • I honestly don't know whether the new meters screen will work with S3 yet. Its very early days and my priority at the moment is to get it solid for the S1 GA later this year.
  • As for the S4 cost comment, one SKU is a little more than S6 M10 granted, but the others are all lower, not only that if you compare to the M40 which also allows screens its a lot cheaper. Its relative...a customer looking for a 24 fader S6 with screens now has a $20k 'more affordable' option.
The S3 is a really cool product and if there is actually talk of it not selling anymore, that should be a clear indicator that it's overpriced! If it comes down to few sales, I wish you would lower the price instead. You would have moved a lot more of these things at $2500 or even $3000, in my view.
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