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Default Re: Waves Studiorack

Originally Posted by SOUNDDECISION View Post
And for what its worth, I doubt many of us would be all that upset about only getting 160 instances of SSL channel on a single HDX card... as their advertisement proclaims... as if that is somehow a BAD thing....

HEY WAVES, Just to clarify, since you don't seem to realize : THAT WOULD ACTUALLY BE FREAKIN' AWESOME !!!!

Just sayin' ....

What the hell is this?????
We paid thousands of $$$ for TDM versions that are now obsolete, Waves just screwed us, they dont want to do AAX DSP but they use these numbers to promote their silly DSP system?

You mean, they do have AAX DSP versions of some plugins i paid for but they dont release them?

I was really pissed off at Waves and promised myself to never buyer another Waves plugin, but this really, i mean really makes me angry at them.

They can go to h#$% with this multi layer workflow killing that i would never approach with a ten foot pole.

Rant over.
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