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Default Re: multiple M-Audio (and DigiDesign) interfaces on the same computer

You can install M-Powered with LE and it will work and is supported by Digidesign. Trick is that you must install the exact same version numbers together.

(So if you've already installed a cs patch for the one on your machine, you must uninstall Pro Tools completely and install just Pro Tools LE and M-powered and then update each one to their cs patches in order. They Share components and if you uninstall or modify one it will effect the other).

Yes, you can have 2 m-audio interfaces (or Digi) installed on the same computer that's fine. In Pro Tools you can choose from Setup > Hardware, which interface you want to use. Or just temporarily turn one off but leaving it connected so you can use the one you want. But they won't combine I/O's inside of Pro Tools or anything crazy like that. Only the Delta 1010's can do that to my understanding.
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