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Default Re: New Plug-in Bundles for Pro Tools 12.2

Webinar was what 3 weeks ago? i watched it yesterday to see and hear the new Audio guy (was it Tom?) say the plugins would be available within a few days to the middle of the month.

I remember Tony Cariddi saying new users can see what AVID delivers through the year to make their decision about upgrading onto a support plan.

Guys what you say and then follow through with is what determines how valuable your words are.

Investment in AVID reflects this in the way AVID stock is performing based on company claims of revenue vs actual delivered results as well. All reasonable things taken into account.

There is a pattern. It will take courage, honesty and determination to reverse it. It won't be easy, so it will be admirable to see you do it. Consider the sentiment i offer to be said with kindness not accusation as i believe you are good people. This isn't in any way personal. It is about the business ethic stance AVID the company takes under direction from it's leadership.

We have 2 x HD12 licenses paid for and no hint of anything beyond an AVID rep telling me i would have them on Sept 11 when i called support.

I am certain that anyone from AVID who knows all the above i am talking about is the plain and simple truth.

There are two things i would like to see happen.

Firstly i would like to see AVID staff be able to get past what surely must be quite a stressful time for you individually as the pressure you must surely be under can not be great fun and no one really likes to see others hurt.

Secondly for all the users who supported you upon the promise of cloud collaboration to be provided with the goodwill of extra time on support plans which compensates for the delays of promised features added to plan expiry dates.

I'm sorry but stability is a given, that is paid for on day one of anyone purchasing anything, however i would still like to say thank you for the latest version it is very good to work with and has restored stability and uninterrupted creativity.

Your promise of Cloud collaboration was a major reason i bought our upgrades as well as being a supporter of your call to action last year. That was actually a goodwill act of my own as i didn't require 12 and i imagine it was by many other users who bought in early.

I believe many in the same position having bought in early would have their own perception of disappointment and could ultimately share a similar point of view. I would hope any others who do don't take to this thread becoming argumentative but inspiring towards welcoming AVID to appreciate our position and respond in kind.

This whole letter is open, honest, partly harsh but mostly inviting and providing you, AVID with a pathway to users to meet and create avenues towards AVID strengthening in the age of music you play a part in now.

I hope you all are well and leave this note with best wishes.
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