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Default Re: mixing with a 24 8 mackie analog mixer and pro tools

My two cents worth...I use a Mackie 24-8 and 24-e for 48 inputs. Some plusses:
You never have to re-patch ANYTHING. And that's with LOTS of input sources.
You can set levels-eq etc. going INTO Pro Tools. Think of it as a big router.
While I never use on-board mic preamps, (I like my Joe Meek VC1Q, my TLA C-1, and my DBX 586), the Mackie console pre's probably sound better better than the Digi onboard pre's.
With the console, you get monitor control, talkback, headphone sends, etc.
And you can take three or four sources and do a submix on the front side if it's ever necessary.
BTW, LOTS of big-name bands have done their own albums thru Mackie mixers.
BUT, I do all my mixing INSIDE the box too.
I'm more into having stuff compliment other stuff than replacing it. Then again, I like stuff.
Maybe too much.
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