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Default Re: any tips for a new MAC user

For swapping files back and forth a firewire drive seems to be THE way to go. Transfertime is the time to take out the plug and plug it into the other system... [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

Fot the old pc-sessions, if you had them all saved with the compatibilitybox checked, you should be able to open them. If this:

Install ptle on your pc again and ofcourse the hardware. Then open each session, and do a "save session as" with the compatibilitybox checked.

After you checked all your files, remove the hardware again from the pc and put it back in your mac.

Also...ig you do want to use network connections: i think that a mac with OSX can "disguise" itself as a windows machine, so then it would only be setting up filesharing on the pc...

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