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Default Re: Use of Pro Tools with M-Box Pro

Originally Posted by dg27 View Post
Thanks, Darryl. I actually wrote to Sweetwater yesterday asking if there was a new model or interface comparable to the digidesign003rack.

They came back suggesting this

which is $4500.

I don't want to the hijack the OP's thread. I should start a new one describing my setup and asking for suggestions.

Thanks again.
That is an amazing stupid answer from Sweetwater—to push a 003 seeking customer into Pro Tools Ultimate and a TDM interface, that has no preamps etc. They do not deserve your business. Please ask your questions here and hopefully we can help you and help you purchase from anybody else but Sweetwater. I’ll also add that I got no reply from them when reporting errors in product info on their website. So maybe the last time I will ever recommend them.
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