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Default Recording URBass, violin and Jazz guitar ?

These guys are some of the best musicians in DC and I want the recording to come out perfectly.

I will be using protools HD tracking at 192 khz. I was thinking about using the following mics.

Jazz guitar - Royer R121
Upright Bass - Blue Kiwi and maybe a bass drum mic b52.
Violin AKG414 TLII

They all want to be able to play together at the same time. I can separate them (not completely isolated though) or record them all in the same room.

What do you guys think? These are my best mics and the only other mics I have are an Octavia 319 and some sm57's/58's.

I can also get hold of a pair of AT4033's that I can use as a room stereo pair if I were going to record them all in the same room.

Any suggestions will be appreciated, including mic placement tips etc.
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