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Default Re: Protools 12 and 2019.10 Co-installation.

Originally Posted by Ale View Post
I always rename protools in finder manually befor install new versions so I do not erase the current installation. THat way I keep the last version runable on my computer.
A new version of Protools always also installs new versions of its plugins.
But I never hat problems running new versions in older protools versions.

I've got 2019.6 and 2019.10 on my Mac. The only thing is if you open PT by clicking on a session .ptx file it will open whatever is the last PT version to be installed - at least it did here on OSX 10.13.6. Since I want to have sessions opened with PT 2019.6 I did a 'get info' on a session, changed the 'open with' to PT 2019.6 and clicked the little box that says to open all such files in my choice.

I don't know if you can do similar in Windows or not.
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