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Default SC48 (profile) Monitor setup

Hey guys, Im a newly trained engineer and have worked with analog consoles. Im going to work on the SC48 this weekend running monitors and the club I work at usually leaves the desk by monitor world.

When it comes to setting up the bands monitor mixes I am confused about hot to set it up. Would I still use available auxes on the output patchbay like on a normal analog console, or is there another way to set them up when patching?

So far I know when I set up my own wedge that where it will say stage 1 in monitors to just select left for a mono mix.

I looked at the manual but its hard for me to find the right answers when it comes to manuals, I need to actually do it to understand.

Sorry if my question isnt super clear but thats the best I can describe the situation.

Thanks and hope to hear some feedback.
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