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Default Re: C|24 Faders for Sends

Originally Posted by wolfton View Post
Hi everybody!

I am sorry if my question has already been answered in another thread, but after quite some research I am still struggeling:

I want to use the C|24 faders to control the levels to an alternative master track. So for a Band of 4 musicians, I want to use the faders to do their headphone mix, every musician has a separate Master track and all relevant tracks pre-send to all 4 master. I want the faders to control the sends level to a certain master track.
Is that possible? I tried flip mode, but this only controls the sends levels of ONE track.

Thanks for help, and again, apologies if this has already been discussed, I didn't find it.

To do 4 discrete headphone mixes, you'll need to set up 4 Pre Fader Sends on each track. Each of these can have a Master Fader if you choose, but it's not needed unless you want overall volume control for each.

Each of these will address an output on your I/O and be connected to a headphone amp.

To control them from the surface, you'll "Flip" each send down to the faders to change levels. You can only adjust one mix at a time.

Hope this helps.

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