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Default Re: Can the S6 do 'Scroll To Track Banks Controller'

Originally Posted by jcawhittlesea View Post
Thanks for the reply Jeff, however, I think there's two problems with this.

I have link track and edit selection turned on so won't this mean when I make an edit selection it'll bank to that track. I can't have the S6 throwing faders around everywhere whenever I click on a track.

Secondly, I don't want it to bank whenever I select a track. In the other studios I do shift+right click on the track I want (on the track name). This is the particular behaviour I want the S6 to do but can't replicate.

I'll test it out at work tomorrow and have a play and report back for anyone else interested.


I miss that key command too.
Used to use it with commsnd8 & pro control.
Eucon doesn't take it.
It doesn't work on artist mix either.
Would be lovely to have it back please.
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