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Default Eleven Rack Dyn Delay EM

Experimenting with effects and learning what an effect does on a particular sound is a love of mine for many years. A key part of that learning is also an understanding in theory if you will of an effect. For example Dynamic Delay EM. Envelope Modulation? Envelope Follower and Amplitude Envelope?

Subtractive synthesis amplitude and modulation envelopes I know and understand (ADSR) but on the 11R these parameters function a little different. Well, where is the amplitude ADSR parameters, there are none, so how do we generate enough amplitude for the envelope follower? And what is an envelope follower and what effect does this have on the dynamic delay? I mean, I can hear it but I'm not understanding the blue print of this effect.

So who knows their way around the Eleven Rack and also understands subtractive synthesis, that can help spitball this topic?
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