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Default MTRX Studio & HD Native

I've just got the MTRX Studio (MS) as a replacement for my dead Omni. I can't seem to get the basics working and the documentation doesn't seem to help, nor does there seem to be any videos covering this online. Basically, I can't see the MS as an Audio Interface for my Pro tools and therefore have the basic function of opening Protools and getting audio in and out.

What I've Done:
I've connected my Digilink Cable from Port 1 in the MS, to Port 1 in the PCI card in my mac. Connected the ethernet port 1 to my computer. XLR's plugged in to Mic 1&2, and the D25 snake in line out 1-8 for 5.1 speakers.
In DADman, on the "CON" section, I've selected AD & Digi Link 1-22 (as shown in the avid MS Install Guide pdf)
In "CONF" I've got DigiLink mode as Pri/Pri
I've noticed that there is no "Protools HD" in Conf, like there seems to be in videos for the MTRX, but wasn't sure if this was MTRX specific, and not the MTRX Studio.
Monitor Profile, I've set out my Source for Pro Tools HD - 5.1 - Digilink 1 Ch 1-6. And outputs DA Ch3-8 (Line 1-6)

I've updated to the latest firmware on the MS.

Is there some step that I am missing here?

My System:
Mac OSx Sierra 10.12.6
Mac Pro 5,1 (mid 2010)
Pro Tools HD 2018.12.0
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