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Default Scorch keyboard view issues

When I have the keyboard view visible, its covering the bottom bars. I can pinch on the page to reduce the size so I can see the notes, but I would have to hold the pinch. It would be great if I could pinch to resize and the size sticks once I let go.

Also, when I hit play as the keys light up on the keyboard, Id like to be able to hit stop and see the keys that are lit up at that moment. But as it is now, as soon as I hit stop, the lit up keys go away.

Another issue is when I hit play and while its playing, if I then pick an area to play from, the lit keys on the keyboard become inaccurate with too many keys being lit up.

Need to improve the app so its easier to stop/start, go back and see the keys lit for learning to play a new song on the piano.

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