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Default Pro Tools not seeing all i/o from Omni & HD 8x8x8

Hi All: First post from a relative newb so go easy on me. Trying to get a new setup running as follows: Mac Pro with 16 megs of ram 2.8 gigahertz and operating system 10.7.5 running pro tools 10.3.2 HD native w/ installed card. Hardware is an Omni and HD I/O 8x8x8 connected via digilink mini cords w/ the omni going directly into the computer card and the HD I/O connected to the Omni via the expansion connection of the Omni to the primary input of the HD I/O. UA 4-710d connected to the analog-in port on the HD I/O via a digi snake cable. Only 4 mics are plugged into the 4-710d rig and that is connected to the HD I/O analog in via the balanced outputs on the back of the UA connected to the female balanced plugs on the digi snake cable with the Db 25 end plugged into the analog in on the HD I/O. The Omni had 6 inputs being used right now with 4 being analog and 2 digital. Both interfaces have the latest firmware updates and pro Tools and the Mac OS are fresh installs.

Both interfaces work fine when connected to the HD Card directly. The problem arises when they interfaces are connected as described above. Pro tools detects and shows both interfaces in the hardware and I/O menus but only seems to recognize 8 Omni in / outs (no monitoring channels for simplicity at this point) and not those of the HD I/O in both the hardware and I/O menus. I have searched the forum looking for an answer but canít seem to find this issue addressed.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong ?

Steve G.
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