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Default Re: Dual G4 or G5 - I\'m Dying over here...

I am having the same thoughts... the G4 looks really good, alot of bang for the buck, but I am thinking, maybe I should spend the extra money and be ahead of the game.. If I stay with the G4, I won't need to purchase a new interface. If I buy the G5 I will need a new interface, and the 002r and the G5.. questionable..
This is what I am doing.. I am going to wait it out until the new G5s are released.. I want to see what the power increase will be..If it is not a big leap, then I will consider an older G5, or the dual G4. Other facts that I am considering if I stay with the G4, I will have enough money left to get a control surface, then I can update to PT 6x and Logic Pro..

Just my thoughts on the subject...

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