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Default Dual G4 or G5 - I\'m Dying over here...

OK - the time has come to dive in deeper.... I am torn between a dual G4 1.25 or a Dual 2.0 G5 - either will go to my 002 and Presonus Octopre.... as an interface. I am thinking 1K of ram for either and loaded with drives. I also have a few firewire drives around. storage is not a big deal. I am seeing issues with a weird noise in the G5 and then the G4 is supposed to be great but for how long? Please help. I will get whichever you guys say is the best - I mean the price difference is not that much - Like $400 or $500. I do about the same amount of Post and Music work. So I am really torn here.
Thanks for all the input from the masters of the DUC.
The world is better place because of all of you!
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