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Default Re: HDX PT 2018 CPU Spikes AAE -9171 Halts Playback


Looks like I am not alone.

I just installed Pro Tools 2018-12 on a fresh install of Sierra 10.12.6

Ran my Test Session (one stereo audio file routed to 16 stereo Auxes, and one Interface connected, @ 44k1 sr):

64 sample HW Buffer - Instant AAE-9171 Halt
128 sample HW Buffer - 30% Total CPU Spikes
256 sample HW Buffer - 8% Total CPU Spikes
512 sample HW Buffer - 2% Total CPU Spikes

Basically the same performance as my other system installation, which has all my plugins, Cloud Drives, etc. . installed, and on that one, once I load up some AAX plugins and try to work, Pro Tools frequently halts playback.

What am I missing?
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