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Default ProTools 10HD PE6r4i and OS 10.9.5

Iím starting this new thread because reading through all the posts on here people are saying itís working OK but Iím having nothing but trouble. I brought another SSD so I can use 10.7.5 for my projects at the moment until I get 10.9.5 working with PT on a separate SSD.

Iíve done lots of testing this weekend and Iíve found 2 main issues why ProTools keeps crashing on 10.9.5

Issue 1
The sessions open up but if I have several instances of EchoBoy in the session it will crash upon opening. If I open the session with these deactivated all is good.

Issue 2
If I click on Slate VTM (version 1.1.13) in the session it gives me a memory error in PT and then crashes.

Iím hoping someone here can really help me out if they are running a system like mine including the plugins that are crashing my rig on 10.9.5 without any issues. 10.9.5 would give my machine a new lease of life. If I could only get ProTools to be as stable on 10.9.5 as it is on 10.7.5 it would be great.

Iím running a 2x2.8 8 core Harpertown Mac with a PE6R4i expansion chassis

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