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Default BFD2 & PT8 Super Strange Problem

Hi guys,

First of all, please find my system specs in my signature below.

Since I upgrated to PT8, my BFD2 isnīt working correctly anymore!
I had some strange glitches, crashes etc.

So I thought, o.k. letīs update all the stuff to the latest version and see if it helps....after updating, 20sec or so after hitting play, with only 1 instance of BFD2 in PTHD 8, it keeps crashing all the time. But before the crash, PT always keeps looping the last few seconds of the BFD2 track.

After that, I did a clean install of OSX, formated the whole sytem HD, clean install of Logic 8.02, clean install of PT8cs1, all the latest drivers all the updates. NO additional plugins are installed, just BFD2 (latest version which came out yesterday - but also tried previous versions).
now I only have my OSX, Logic, BFD2 and PT8 on my sytem drive!

But everytime I hit play with BFD2 in PT, I get that Loop, and after that PT crashes.

I also tried every combination of BFD2 settings, loading on demand, load into ram.....

Any Idea whatīs going on?

Is this a known bug?

Thanks in advance,


MacPro 8-core, 2.8Ghz 10GB Ram
4x500GB internal Sata Drives,
external FW or USB drives,
Leopard 10.5.5,
PTHD3 Accel PCIe (internal - NO Magma)
PT 8.0cs1
latest Pro Application Support update
2x96 I/O

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