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Default Re: Best way to report bugs to Avid?

Create a support case. It's not a quick process but eventually real bugs can be recognized and logged.

For it to be recognized, it has to be repeatable in newly created sessions with specific steps documented to recreate it. Pro Tools sessions can behave weird but if the behavior can't be recreated in a new session, it's viewed as session corruption rather than a bug.

Once a bug is recognized, it gets classified by how critical the effect is. Bugs with a greater impact will get addressed sooner while bugs that are merely a nuisance can last for decades.

Also be forewarned that when dealing with support personnel, you also have to campaign against their inherent bias. The last bug I reported wasn't recognized and admitted as a bug. I documented how it's possible for the sample rate of a session to get changed (something that was never previously possible) and the support person I dealt with argued that this wasn't a bug. I chose not to bang my head against the wall.

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