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Default recorded Midi Events rhythmically all over the place

recording MIDI Events - playing a VI and simultaneously recording audio output of VI.

While recording and monitoring the audio of the VI it sounds fine.
But the simultaneously recorded MIDI-events do not correspond to the audio at all rhythmically.
I'm not talking sync or latency, the events are all over the place!
Some notes al late, some early, never the same amount

Result when played back is of course an unusable performance.

Look for yourself in the pic:

top - audio output of the VI recorded through a bus
down - simultaneously recorded MIDI-events

using PT 11 and PT 12 perpetual, same results.
last time i was recording MIDI was on PT 10 with no issues
64 samples buffer
delay compensation ON or OFF (does not matter)

what happened?

what are my options?
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