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Default Crane Song STC-8 on mix buss will replace....???

Good day all!

I'm running a PT LE setup in my comercial project studio here in NY.

For a few years I've had a steady diet of McDSP's Analog Channel, 1 & 2, on the mix buss which I've been fond of to really bump the overall sound of my mixes to the next level.

After that, I'd either use the T-racks standalone suite or the Waves' Masters Bundle in a seperate session for "budget" mastering purposes.

I've just added an STC-8 to my arsenal.

My little dillemma, before A-B-C-ing things for myself (after the weekend) is what to replace with the STC-8...or not?

I'm thinking, perhaps, (besides initial tracking duties for vox/acoustic gtrs) to use it in place of my 2 mastering setups and maybe a seperate dither plug....that should do it as far as mastering goes. it on the mix buss instead of the Analog Channel? Maybe together With the AC 1 & 2?

Anyone encounter this type of "nice" problem?

How did YOU handle it and what were the results?

Thanks a friggin' million!
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