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Default Re: Dark Theme in Pro Tools 2020.11

Originally Posted by Rich Breen View Post
This is nice that you're posting these - worth noting that this makes the parameter selection matrix in the import session data dialog box almost unreadable, and also messes up the I/O matrix display.

Really need Avid to make this a user-tweakable thing...
Amen on the latter thought. I like doing what I'm doing with the mods but it ain't easy and takes time away from other productive work. What sucks even more is there's no easy way on a Winbox to make the necessary mods like on a Mac. I've said that before and will keep repeating it. One of the major things that chaps my ass is why oh why didn't the beta testers catch this stupidity?

Or was this a slap-dash thing Avid put together at the last minute?

Something that worries me is with new versions will Avid make it such that end users can't make the mods? After working in my modified dark mode my eyes can't stand classic mode even after all these years working in that mode.
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