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Default Tascam Dm24 To Digi002 Rack As Pro Tools Control Surface


I could use some assistance setting up my DM-24 as a control surface for Pro Tools v8.0. Below are the steps I've taken so far to no avail.

First - My Setup:
Digi002 Rack MIDI IN --> DM-24 MIDI OUT
Digi002 Rack MIDI OUT --> DM-24 MIDI IN

My Steps:
1. Pro Tools 8.0 --> Setup --> Peripherals --> MIDI Controllers:
Type = HUI, Receive From = DigiDesign Digi 002 port 1, Send To = DigiDesign Digi 001 port 1

2. DM-24 Machine Control List: State = X, Device = M HUI Emulate, ID = 01, Chase = --, TRA = O (Empty Circle), REC = (--).

3. External Control List: State = X, Device = M HUI Emulate, ID = 01, MIDI Rx = Checked, Screen = (Arrow to Right for sub menu)

When I try to enable the TRA, I get "Device Not Active"

And in Pro Tools, I get:
"Pro Tools is unable to communicate with HUI. Power-cycle HUI and check its connections. Note, If HUI is not in use. update the Peripherals dialog to prevent further warnings.

I tried doing a communication test in Diagnostic mode and MIDI Out = Complete/OK.

I've also tried swapping out MIDI cables but the original ones are perfectly good.

Thank you for any help...
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